Mila in the forest

Mila decided she wanted to go to enjoy nature, put her favourite clothes in a bag and entered into the forest.
Spring had just begun and everything was green and wet. Birds could be heard everywhere and shyly began to show the first flowers.
Along the way, Mila felt like an explorer discovering strange insects and beautiful leaves from the trees.
She build a tent for shelter and planned the next expedition …

Like Alice in Wonderland, looking magical places where entering into a maze, living their own adventures.
Wearing her favourite dress, Mila was listening to the birds and try to find where they were, but it was impossible, birds are so fast!
She feels like a forest fairy  with her magic wand trying to touch the sky.
Climbed up the trunks and had fun as she was in her private magic world.


And she is encouraged to do something fun, wants to start his own circus, she would like to be an acrobat. For birds and squirrels, a show will start …

But it’s time to go home, it begins to get dark.
What a fun day!
And she makes plans for the next session…




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